Hi, I'm Jason Wallace. I am a former Professional Football Player in both the NFL and Canadian Football Leagues and currently work in healthcare so I know how important fitness is to living a healthy and happy life.
Taking and teaching our fitness classes has gotten me back into football playing shape like I am 25 years old again! And I've had a blast doing it! Whether you are new to Zumba®, fitness in general, or are a seasoned pro, my intent is to encourage, educate, motivate, and simply help you improve and maintain your fitness level! 
Why choose Select Fitness?

Select Fitness is your neighborhood fitness studio that focuses on group cardio and strength fitness classes. We are full of people just like you that hate going to impersonal big box gyms. We believe in fun fitness that achieves real results within a close knit fitness community. Our studio offers a great stable of classes that cater to your body, mind, and soul as you workout
with a team of highly-qualified instructors to help you achieve your fitness goals!